Concept of Design and Interior

Design is about function, value, beauty and purpose. It is a craft honed through time and experience. The team of Studio Elements has perfected this art for more than 15 years. Design concept is the visual entity that communicates the story of an individual. Design is about style, color, mood, harmony, contrast, comfort and convenience. The themes and concepts reflects the mood and inclination of the clients that whose homes and offices we beautify. Our conceptualization in the interior designing is based on certain parameters that imparts a particular formation to the space providing an alignment, symmetry, rhythm, balance and harmony to the environment. Different styles of interior designing have their rich history behind them that encompass classic art pieces, antique elements and objects.

Some of the trendiest concepts in the interior design are

  1. Open concept home
  2. Minimalism
  3. Modern
  4. Contemporary
  5. Industrial
  6. Mid- century modern
  7. Traditional
  8. Transitional
  9. Rustic
  10.  Vintage

We would discuss some most popular themes in interior designing that are widely chosen by the clients to design their space. Number one comes the traditional interior style that includes the elements of wood paneling, neutral pallete with vibrant colors of furniture. The rich dark tones with perfect symmetry form the vital aspect of the traditional designs. Following this, is the modern theme design.The modern home décor have open floor plans, intentional asymmetry and replacement of accessories with the art. The use of neutral with primary and bold color provides a contrasting look that greatly defines the concept of modern interior style. Materials like metal, chrome or glass are streamlined with polished, smooth and sleek surfaces. Adding to this, the combination of black and white go hand in hand that makes the entire space look more exotic.There is no extra-ness in the design which eventually contributes to the simple and sophisticated look. Next comes the contemporary style which is often confused with the modern design style. But the basic difference is that, contemporary style includes open space, plenty of light, straight lines, and usage of glass, wood and in some cases the interior has an unusual layout. Use of natural light with the strategic lighting design is a style statement in itself. Contemporary designs are the most fluid designs that are according to the current trending styles which are constantly evolving and carrying a modern touch to them, thus they do not resort to any particular style. Another most well-liked is transitional theme that incorporates the elusive style spanning multiple styles of modern and contemporary design elements. Textured elements such as wood, glass, lacquer, fabric, steel and metal are incorporated in the designs. Limited use of accessories and impactful art as focal points and are the key features of the transitional interior design elements.

The other vivid styles of design includes the Vintage, Rustic, Craftsman, Industrial, Minimalist, Bohemian, Asian themes and many more. The theme is not just the style but reflects the culture and emotions of an individual or a community. There is no fixed shore or pattern for creative and artistic work and it goes beyond one’s imagination. Studio Elements provides the best structure to the most unstructured space that encompasses the style and design providing the most humanizing and personalized experience to their clients’. Our team not just design the interiors for the visual elegance but also that provides them with the emotional identity, comfort and luxury that makes their home as paradise.




The Model Apartment

The world of speed, chaos, stress and rapid development demands an incredible input from an individual’s end. Studio Elements realizes the need of an individual to live under a roof where one can relax, rejoice and rejuvenate themselves. In sync with today’s lifestyle, Studio Elements creates designer model apartments incorporating the best and trendiest elements that would complete the picture of a dream home.

Studio Elements understands that an individual visualizes his future home while observing a model sample apartment. It is this space that showcases the sections of the living room, master bedroom, kitchen, balcony, and bathroom in a certain fashion that attracts and appeals to one’s tastes. Small features like the electrical switchboards, false ceiling, wooden and tiled flooring give a fair idea of the cross-section and such features enable folks to gauge the actual dimension, length and breadth of the entire space. This sight of the apartment fuels their imagination with various other décor and design elements that they would like to induct in their residence. Studio Elements carves the most captivating and alluring apartments and endeavors to create a spectacular ocular experience that inspires the clients’ to have an address in that particular commercial complex. This appealing place makes them think it worth of investing in the property. Gauging the location, space, specifications, our team exclusively sketches the model of the apartment and plans the design accordingly. These units are considered to be the biggest and most powerful marketing tool for the developers to promote their business.

Studio Elements has designed several apartments for reputed developers like the Puranik Group & Dedhia group that are aesthetically captivating with an outstanding look. It is not just our design that beautifies these model apartments but it is also the emotions that we canvas while creating these spaces. We ensure that our interior design meets the essential needs and requirements of an individual and a family both. The finest apartments demonstrate the functionality of the area along with the feel of comfort. Our team does not just consider the commercial aspect for the developers but aims to design a space that would provide the clients’ with an emotional identity and security.

Through our incredible team-work and perseverance combined with some striking creativity, we have successfully created our niche across Thane and Mumbai. Refer us to developers and builders in your contact circle or if you happen to be one reading this, reach out to us for some off beat designs for your sample homes.

The Visual Language

At Studio Elements, we passionately paint your stories with colors and sculpt vision by designing every corner of the room. We do not just design the space but we create a home that resonates with the life story of an individual and family. Color adds an incredible glow to the entire space making it highly luminous. It is one such unique element that can alter your experience for the moment. Our nature is filled with various colors that make us feel fresh providing a rejuvenating experience. The color painted on the walls are not just element but are also the color that visually translates their individual story.

In interior designing, this single component makes the entire space look elegant. Our team of expert creatively implement colors that provides comfort with a sense of emotional identity. It has a great impact on the psychology and moods of people. As interior designers, we creatively implement the colors to each in various shades that sync with the comfort of our clients. The color consideration also depends on the location, climate, culture, activity and preferences. While designing the residential spaces, it is important to note the size, shape and available lighting. On the other hand, while selecting colors for the corporate spaces, we choose them as per the company’s personality, nature of work and the functionality of the space.

Colors encompass a palette of emotion that has the power of energizing and rejuvenating the entire space. For instance, any tech savvy start- up companies prefer to have vibrant and quirky colors of orange, blue, lemon yellow or even the fusion of black & white or certain other color combination. Color is not only selected by following the trends but also as per our clients’ preference. But many time, we also go with the modern color invogue and combine a clients’ preference to ours. Sometimes, two colors bounce off each of their intensities and also balancing each other. For example, we painted a clients’ room in cool light blue color and painted pops of bold orange. This is certainly not the regular choice but it brought a great oomph to the space with contrasting color.

We at Studio Elements, pick the colors that makes one feel comfortable and spell luxury at the same time.

Lighting the luxurious way

Lighting enlightens one’s life dispelling all darkness. Light changes the mood of the space and further beautifies the environment glorifying the space. Without proper lightning not only the environment but also the interior looks dull making it extremely uninviting. Lights elevates the enthusiasm, boosting the energies of an individual making them feel lively. That is the reason why higher energies are about light and darker spaces represent gloom and lower energy. Lack of proper lighting affects the ambience of any given area. Placement of lightning and types of lights is one of the important aspect of interior design. Its perfect conjunction with color selection, availability of natural light, room size and furniture selection makes your homes a seamless combination of functionality and style.

Lighting opens the beautiful and most intricate details of a home like wood carving, wall paper, furniture. It creates a strong visual impact elevating the aesthetic appeal. We, at Studio Elements, have incorporated the element of light in the most stylish and strategic way in all our projects. Our team of interior designers have implemented this feature with the latest technology in the most exclusive and creative way. For our commercials projects, we have flamboyantly incorporated the element of light in almost all our projects. The light implemented by the laser cut technology completely presents the most breathtaking view. Our team has tactfully placed all light features on the ceilings on top, on the side walls in such a way that its reflection through the flooring gets an outstanding and royal look. The amalgamation of light and color provides an interesting and regal look to the space. This makes the area extensively stylish and radiant.

Studio Elements has not restricted itself to the traditional use of lights as the hanging way, but we have also stepped further by inducting it strategically in any given space that would enhance its beauty.

New concepts in interior designing

Interior Designs are the visual translation of one’s life. Interior designing is the art of creating a healthier and aesthetically pleasing environment. With the growing creative and artistic understanding of the people in this globalised world have led to the development of novel concepts and themes in the field of interior designing. Several themes have been established in recent times that comprises of modern, contemporary, minimalist, industrial, mid-century modern, traditional, transitional, rustic, coastal and many more.


It doesn’t matter whether it is a large or a small margin, each space have been ornamented with the quirking, shades, unique pattern and texture. Each corner has been utilized in most the distinct way that provides it an outstanding look. Awareness for nature and environmental concerns the usages of the earth and nature elements have been rolling as the latest trend in interior designing. The colors of green, blue and brown have secured the top notch place in the designs. The use of nature wood in the kitchen along with stone materials, such as pebbles, granite, marble, and those materials that resemble and complement with natural elements are highly used for home decorations. Big plants are placed in the living room that attracts the attention of the visitors. The use of colorful or highlighted ceilings with an amazing geometric pattern painted with bold colors is one of the exceptional style statements in interior designing. The use of black colors in furniture, prints, walls and finishes are also listed in the emerging vogue.

No wall is left empty; they are canvassed with the exquisite wallpapers of abstract shapes, geometric pattern, and landscape scenery. The placements of beautiful artefacts in various places at home are also the most choiced offer of the people. The pendant lamp is the little way to decorate the kitchen. The use of over sized head boards in the bedrooms, unique shelves of unusual size and shapes further enhances the decorative qualities. The rare shaped wall shelves further beautify the room. The use of laser cut technology, the lightings provides a classy and sophisticated look of the place. The use of handicrafts  and hand spun fabrics are also the most sought after elements for a home. Mandalas will give the home the, jhoolas as a light way of decoration, the brass of copper oil lamps that give the most authentic look, add rugs on the normal wooden or concrete floor which will change the look completely gives a complete eastern look of the space.

The terrene of creativity and design is endless. Interior designing truly defines your home giving the family an emotional identity. It is the most creative expression of any person’s life that also depicts their life journey. Creativity does not have any fixed definition or the certain way it is bound to keep on evolving throughout the time period.