Designing Signature Lobby Spaces

Lobby spaces are the first impressions one has of a hotel, residence, or an office. It is a Designer’s skill to ensure that the designs are in a manner that it creates everlasting impressions!!

The fact is that decorating this space is not as easy as it may seem and it can prove to be a challenging and an uphill task. Over the last few years, lobbies have transformed into centerpieces of guest experience. They have to be designed mainly looking into the factor of creating spaces that invite and entertain guests. Studio Elements, a pioneer in this arena, boasts of a rich experience in designing opulent and classy lobbies for various clienteles in real-estate, hotels and luxurious as well as budget residences. Trupti, Head of Studio elements mentions in a matter of fact way that “In many cases research has shown that the ROI of a hotel has improved based on the design of lobby spaces”

According to Trupti, there are many focus areas that she and her team of innovative designers look into that goes into the creation of a welcoming lobby design.

It has to showcase the personality of the host or Owner

Lobbies are the first area that you notice in any space; be it a hotel or a residence. Care has to be taken to ensure that it talks and breathes about the person who owns it. It should embody the owner and their taste and style.


Energy efficient lighting is necessary for any building running 24 hours a day. This is one of the main ways a building or residence can reduce its energy costs. So it has to be an optimum design looking into creating well lit up space with the factor of energy efficiency also being ensured.

Space Planning

An important step in any design project is appropriately planning the space, including all the furniture, fixtures and equipment.” It should not be a cluttered space, rather a warm cozy meeting place; be it for a private residence or an apartment complex. The prerogative is that the place should invite and retain guests” Trupti points out.


The color palette of the place should be designed to make the guests linger in such spaces. Trupti categorically states that” Color Palette should be warm and inviting. Not jarring.”

Floor and Wall Finishes

Easy cleanable materials for floors and walls are a must. These areas of the building/homes naturally get the most foot traffic from tenants or guests. The wear-and-tear caused by traffic must be considered. The need for carpeting, the ease of cleaning all should be well thought of before designing this space.

At Studio Elements, designers look to other industries and segments to keep abreast of trends in space utilization. As a result, they help design today, lobbies for the needs of tomorrow. Constantly collaborating with the customer, the designer goes through multiple rounds before the final design is made and implemented.

Keeping a fixture, chandelier or an interesting art piece can really enhance an area. Pay attention to the architecture of the space. “We usually march a step ahead than our peers and our designs showcase what the owners want to convey. We certainly walk the talk” Trupti points out confidently.

A glimpse into certain lobbies for apartments in Thane, Pune and Lonavla where Studio Elements has designed some beautiful lobbies shall be sufficient to prove how Studio Elements weaves in all these factors into its designs. The entire concept changes with a hotel or a restaurant’s lobby which can be seen in the Tip Top Plaza lobby or the Terapanth lobby.

“We put in the same efforts in designing even a single residential apartment’s lobby because for us every client is the same, there is nothing big or small about every project we handle”, is how Trupti defines her work and projects undertaken by her expert team.