Dining Space – Designing them the Opulent way !


For any family, the dining place is the centerpiece of home-the place to bond, communicate, entertain and share warmth and love. Its importance in the home layout emphasizes the importance of planning and designing the dining place with paramount care and analysis.

Studio Elements and its head Trupti Puranik believes that paying close attention to space is essential in the design of a warm, yet luxurious dining space. There should be harmony in the placement of chairs, lighting, the aura of the dining space, the coherence with the overall theme of the house.” Everything should work together like a perfect symphony”, she states. Studio Elements has been a trendsetter in designing dining spaces for umpteen clients the luxurious way, without losing the warm cozy essence that it entails.

“Every client has different tastes and within a family there are many ideas for the same.  It is a designer’s competency and experience that will help in blending in all the ideas and creating an optimal design that addresses every idea”, she elaborates. Studio Elements has been a veteran in designing each and every space of the house according to the needs of the client as well as looking into the logistics (space, lighting, cost etc.) and come up with the best design. There is no perfect design just varied options that suit a specific client/family.

A lot of research, keeping abreast with the trends in interior design helps. The factors that need to be analyzed for the design are

  • Who is the Customer? (What is their personality, need, who will be utilizing the space more often) This will help in layout, lighting, colors etc.
  • Dining space should be accessible to all family members. It should be a blend of coziness and style.
  • Dining space should be well lit to show food and other fixtures in the room. Conversations do happen here and comfortable lighting is the key. Pleasant colors also add vibrancy to the space. The decorations should be designed so that it spells class rather than going over the top.
  • Dining furniture should be also designed keeping the space, durability factors into consideration. Children can damage upholstery and food items can spill over and stain. So the design colors have to be planned taking all this into consideration.
  • Understanding the family structure also helps, she states. If it is a modern or traditional family, the design will be made according to the structure or a blend of both.
  • Display areas should also be properly planned in the layout. If the family wants to display their cutlery, porcelain etc. design of cabinets that showcases them in the right place is also important. Some people also insist on a bar space in the dining area.
  • Small Dining place is a challenge. But it can also be revamped with the proper selection of colors, giving more lighting, creating airier and spacious feel with the right placement of furniture. There can be lesser chairs, smaller chairs, lower seating, round table; many variations are possible.

“Tell us your style and we can make it happen by a plethora of ideas, brainstorming sessions. We are not satisfied until the customer is fully satisfied” Trupti says as a matter of fact.