A little About This Project


Balinese architecture is the blend of nature and interior design creating balance in terms of space, forms and colors. Spaces created are closed, semi-open and open merging into natural landscape with water, stones and greenery. With the internal carvings and artifacts of wooden specially designed and handcrafted. While external of sandstone and handcrafted. Balinese interior is very close to mother nature and nurturing and close to human values. Earthen feel and wooden and rajan furniture create the cozy and comfortable atmosphere with freshness of colors in artifacts.

When you dwell in Streets of Bali, you need to bring in the feel of it. The project has complete look of Bali as far as Exteriors is concerned. The Interiors are giving a very unique identity from the Modern and Contemporary to Traditional Look and Feel.  The Ready Furniture of this project was brought in exclusively from Bali & made up of Bali Wood. The designs for this project were properly studied at Bali and accordingly executed in Puraniks Rumah Bali.

When you design your home with Bali Theme it should look Natural with the use of Natural material like wood and Earthy Colors.

Project Info

Client:  Puranik Builders pvt. Ltd.
Location: Thane


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